About us

Monkey Snuggles LLC is a small mother-daughter company.  We began selling our diapers in 2008 when I had two little ones in diapers. We have made many improvements over the years in the quest to bring our customers the very best cloth diapers we can.  We recognize that cost is almost as important as cuteness and we are continually working with our suppliers to be able to make amazing diapers at affordable prices.

We do our very best to source fabrics from other small American companies whenever possible, and we are happy to report that the bamboo fleece that is used in our diapers is knit right here in the USA.

As a small company, we value quality over quantity and there are a limited amount of diapers produced each week.  Be sure to check back every Monday to see what's new and follow us on facebook for all the latest info!

Latest News:

Zombie diapers are here! Don't miss out! Other prints as well, if zombies are not your thing.


We will finally be dyeing up some yarn this week.


We are knitting up the last of the merino twist yarn now, so be sure to check out the woolies if you're a fan. The twist has been discontinued by the mill.